Thursday, 22 December 2011

Always look on the bright side of life!

After yesterdays post, I could not shut my brain off. I had brought back all the sadness and frustration that came with suddenly being made redundant (btw it really stinks).

So today I will post a few things that I have done (other than my resume) will all this free time I have now. Hopefully this will get me back one the  positive "open window" track again.

I get to make myself lunches like this:
Getting to eat a meal you can creatively prepare without the thought of another persons fussy/boring taste... bonus!

I get to finally spend the time I want on getting ready for Christmas and making it crafty (with stamps!).
A close up of a wrapped gift we are giving this year.
Our little tree with all our wrapped gifts.
My wrapping theme this year was brown paper with stamped personal messages on each one. I am very pleased with the result even if it took nearly two days to complete.
And this is what happened when I finally finished.

I finally had the time to do something for my folks, and paint their cubby house. (I think they have been asking for about 8 years.)
Yes I am a master craftsperson...
I cant wait to see the look on my niece Rachel's face, I'm sure she will think the fairies have been!

Well this distracted me for a bit...

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