Thursday, 18 August 2011

DISNEY Fairy Tale Weddings!!!!

So I'm already married, and I have a fantastic husband, my (oops our) wedding day was the most fun I think I have ever had and I was really happy with the way the day looked and came together. I don't really want to change a thing.... But If I could do it all again and lived in the states, I would defiantly consider a Disney wedding!

You can actually get married AT DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

Especially since my friend Liz showed me this happy Friday treat. Disney Princess inspired Wedding Dresses!!!!!!!
My favourite Snow White

I think the best thing about this collection, is that they are not cheesy white satin costume remakes, but modern gowns inspired by the characters and stories.

Well one wedding is all I'm really ever going to want, but I hope someone will invite me to a Disney wedding one day! Oh well I can dream.

Here is a pic from Sarah and Chris day of fun!
Check out our awesome old Australian Muscle wedding Cars!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Freaken' Friday

Things I am loving today:

This super cute girl who takes pictures of herself looking like she is levitating. I just love the commitment it must take to get the right shot.

I laughed, I cried... a story about a very confused dog.  OK I'm just loving this entire blog!!!! 

I am also loving the 5min of standing in the sunshine I got on my lunch break.... not long enough.

Beef for the day:

Although Captain America was an awesome movie and I'm all about the Avengers (especially hoping Cobie Smulders has a good size part), what is with the only female in the movie not getting protective head-gear when she is nearly getting blown up!?! Peggy Carter was a great character, strong and not at a sappy, but i could not help feeling like her looks were more important than the realistically of the story. Sure she is strong but she still need a helmet! lets not even get into perfect make-up on the battle field...
Helmet, helmet, Peggy no helmet?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

With a bit more practice they may not look as strange

So I have completed one of the projects I set out to do. What do you think?
This is my first "Little"
Yep looks weird eigh! I think this is mostly due to the pink colour and the fact I couldn't, even with a huge shoe box full of them, not find any suitable buttons for his eyes. (Yes he is a he even though he is pink)
So before I get started on the next one I am planing a Spotlight run to buy some better colours, suitable buttons and a row counter (because I even got confused doing six rows with THREE stitches on each).
Buy the way even when the pick in the book says actual size is 7.5cm you still wont believe how incredibly small he is!
Work in progress

Oh and how do you like my indoor garden? When I was in Germany recently *cough (I'm cool) *cough they had little patches of AstroTurf with flowers on it in all the home shops (I think getting ready for summer). I just had to have some too, so now have some as a runner on my coffee table. Such fun!

Monday, 8 August 2011

So many good things

It has Cee lo, it has Urkel and it has beautiful dresses. This is the new video for Cry Baby by Cee Lo Green. Oh how I heart that big chocolate man! *swoon

Some days you just wanna clash

Exhibit A
Usually, I am one for colour co-ordination to the max! But today as I was deciding what shoes I was going to wear, I was attracted to my new 3inch heal red Mary-Jane's, but I was already quite committed to a pair of fluorescent pink striped knee-high socks... What was I to do? I was running out of time!... I went for the clash, and I am glad I did! I am enjoying looking down at me feet and thinking "what fun!". I cant quite say the rest of my outfit is entirely co-ordinated either, a black T with a green, blue, yellow and red print, a delightfully neutral modern hand-knit, jeans and the a fore-mentioned footwear. Do you know what! I feel surprisingly comfortable and well dressed (except for acedently only deoderising one pit, oops)... Who would'a thunk!

Thinking about clashing. What on earth is with these riots in London!?! Parents of London go and grab your child by the ear and drag them out of there! Hand them into the police yourself if you have to. This destruction of property is disgraceful! Its shames me that I think of the UK as a place of similar values and mindset as Australia, then THIS happens. GAH! It just makes me so angry.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Embracing My Crapness

Inspired by my gurrl Kiki's recent post about owning your crapness, I am going to reveal some things that usually I hide under my bed or more likely inside my over-sized headphones (that I wear because the buds hurt my ear-holes not because I'm "street").

- I literally smile when I hear a song by Hanson, The Beach Boys or Justin Timberlake
- I love to sing along (and try for the husky voice) to Cindi Lauper's "Time after time" and think about the rooftop dancing scene in Strictly Ballroom
- I consider pretty colours a legitimate reason for appreciating anything
- Almost all of these points are prompted by my iTunes on shuffle
- I loath Mac's ... I honestly try to at-least
- I do not think Inception was more than an alright film. Leo and Ellen Paige brought it up a bit but Joseph Gorden-Levitt's accent brought it crashing back down again (shame he has a nice face).
- I love watching bad (mostly Canadian) tween, coming of age, TV dramas
- I love wearing hand knitted clothing made by my mum
- I talk too much about my dog, especially referring to it as my child
- I have Hello Kitty undies because they make me feel like a kid again, not because the are in anyway sexy

... this could go on way too long and I'm sure there are allot more things that I didn't even know were crap. But that's not the point. The point is... I love being a "dag", a "nerd", loving The Big Bang Theory and having a serious discussion about the Marvel Universe and the original 1960's Batman movie over Church luncheon.

Because I think its one of the best Australian movies ever made, and Paul Mercurio is HAWAT!
In the words of a great man "I yam what I yam!"

Monday, 1 August 2011

Like all my dreams have come true!... Kinda

Swatch sale! I usually try to keep my internet sale sites to a minimum because lets face it I can't have everything... even if they are on sale. (I'm practically making money) But this morning when one of the few I do let flood my inbox had a sale on Swatches I couldn't refuse. So I chose three and Chris got two...
Fun fun fun!
Chris is a little more conservative.
My fave has to be the pin-up girl "dive" watch. The blue one has daisies and french words on it.... CUTE! The green one appears to be little red riding-hood with a wolf and a granny on the band.
Hope fully this will hold me out till the new ones come out in September. Although with the delivery time of OzSale they will probably come around the same time.