Saturday, 31 December 2011

Very Happy New Year! (I love living in the hills!)

I had a very low-key but very enjoyable new years celebration.
A day of pottering around, followed by an evening of Indian food and a trip to the outdoor cinema in Belgrave to watch Happy Feet Two. Then making it home just in time to watch the fireworks on telly.


It had been a while since I had been to the Cameo, and even longer for Chris. We usually head to the major complex about half an hour away because Chris is a stickler for sound and image quality. But the old girl has come along in leaps and bounds since the days I used to slide down the carpeted stairs on my bum as a little girl. I think our visit last night and a quick peak inside the very new cinema 6&7 may have finally swayed Chris to think about going there more often. Yay!
Newly renovated rear of Cameo Cinema
Birds eye view of deck chair seating
This morning was also a great start to 2012. We had a bit of a late start so instead of showing up late for church we went in the opposite direction up the hill to Sassifrass. My sadness in finding the cafe I liked had changed hands was short lived when we realised it was now a cute little Parisian themed restaurant including a large selection of fresh Macaroons! Mmm... 2nd breakfast time it was!
Nom nom nom! Very cute vintage china too!
Then it was home to play a bit of Mario Cart on the Wii, and to take the first picture of Toffee for the year, this time wearing my glasses.
I'm sure she is totally impressed.
I hope your new year was all you wanted it to be, and remember you can make 2012 all you want it to be too!

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