Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I got the job!

So the great news in my world is that I am now employed again!
I now work for a book publisher, in a fancy office!
It is a lower paying job, but they did offer me as much as they could, and they seem really excited to have me there because of my varied experience. I am learning allot already too.

Other great news:
-After tomorrow and only being there 4 days, they will have taken me out for lunch twice! I feel like a princess!
-My office has a window! (it looks into the warehouse but still adds allot of natural light)
-Next month Chris and I will move into a house that is actually more house than shed!
-Said house will have a DISHWASHER!
-Said house will have a real sized wardrobe in each of its THREE ROOMS!
-Said house will no have classroom-grade carpet squares on the floor!
-Said house will have a HUGE pantry!
-The Muppet movie did not disappoint!
-Tomorrow I will try Yum Cha for the first time!

Monday, 9 January 2012


I had the job interview today for the book publisher. I think it went OK if you disregard that for the first few questions I forgot how to talk and give intelligent answers. "Um... sorry I have forgotten what I was saying" *slaps face

The main reason I am unsure about this one is that it is for a junior position and although I don't have any publishing experience, I don't think they want to pay me enough money. The crap thing is they are also advertising a senior position but I don't have the experience necessary for that one, so I am kind of stuck in the middle. Oh well I will know what their decision is on Friday, I just wish I could do it again because I keep remembering things I forgot to say.

I have pink glittery balls!

So pretty!
I play golf now! Well so far I have played three times, but I plan on playing more and getting good enough so Chris can take me out to play on a nice course with people around.
We went shopping on the weekend to get me a putter and some pink balls, but we came home with half set of clubs, buggy, an ugly but reasonably priced pair of shoes and PINK GLITTERY BALLS! So I'm all set to play now, see bad pic below:
Golf model fail!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Time again to cross everything

I have a job interview Tuesday...Yay!
It's my third so far (the first two were unsuccessful) and I am all full of butterflies.

The job is for a Graphic Designer at a book publishing house, that is large and also close to home. So I actually have not much idea about what exactly the job would entail... BUT THE LICENCE HELLO KITTY!

A few things are sitting as questions in my mind, the main one being will I get this one.
But seriously, the position is for a junior role, and I have over 5 years experience, but not in publishing so maybe it evens out?

Hopefully some time soon I will get to dress like a normal person again, I will again become accustomed to wearing a bra for more than an hour a day (when I leave the house or walk the dog).