Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kidrobot Swatch you is MINE!

I has you and I put you on my fake grass for picture!
So yesterday I made my husband drive with me all the way to our local Swatch Shop (an hour away). And I finally have my very own limited edition Kidrobot Swatch! I went for the MAD one and I am totally in love with it! I especially love the tagline that goes with it. "Sometimes you just need to scream."
note* Sailor Moon, Buzz Lightyear, Padington Bear, Bumble Bee and  Goku in the background!
We also got a little over excited and may have ordered this special limited edition watch as well... Well it is awesome and it comes with an even bigger Moustached "Dunny".

As well as all that excitement, that had us sprinting out of the shopping centre before we spent any more dosh:
- My mums cat was found under the next door neighbours house after being trapped there for a week!
- I actually enjoyed my week at work making our catalogue more "Jazzy". (don't judge us on the webpage Liz and I have no say in it! Prolly should put some stuff I do, and like on here)
- I have started watching Spirited, and it is v good.

and to finish off a few picks of my dog being her beautiful self.
I put her bed outside to air out, she hoped in and wondered why this wasn't the way it was meant to be.

Closey nosey pic xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Favourite Souvinear

I am finally getting to wear this today about 3 months after buying it in Paris, because I forgot I already had a silver chain and was holding out till I saw a sale.

It is so very cute and just a little bit noisy, but I think the first out weighs the second don't you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

These make me sad...

The offending objects
What you see here are not lovely books with a balancing iPhone atop, but books that through no fault of their own have been "up-cycled" in to of all heathen objects, an iPHONE CHARGER!!!!!

Some of these poor books are new and never to fulfill it purpose and feel the joy of having a finger lightly caress their pages as a reader takes in all its inner serifs and story. Others are old and should have been retired with dignity to a quite shelf to be adored, or even to be part of a "designed" living room.
But to do this too a book.... It breaks my heart! Leather bound editions of Dracula closed forever, never to intrigue and scare, worn early editions with original etchings, never to be enjoyed again. Books are to be read, shelved, enjoyed, sat on a bedside table so as people don't think you actually play Angry Birds before bed.
The above Winnie The Pooh makes me especially sad, this is the kind of book I would buy so as one day I could enjoy it with a child of the future, but now The Pooh with a jar of honey on his head is never to be chided over again!

The creator of these objects for the modern, uncaring Apple hipster is to found here, claiming that he loves books (yeah right), and is saving them from certain landfill death (I don't think so). Have not these people realised that they are effectively taking these beloved stories out of circulation?!

I need to go and hug my mothers childhood copy of Alice in Wonderland, because I'm sure if i don't keep a watchful eye on it it is a fine candidate for this fate worse than death!

My Strange Addictions

So it dawned on me last night as I was doing my grocery shopping, that I am addicted to plastic storage/snack containers. It's true I swear! I know I had a problem when I got to the lolly isle and said no to the chocolate because I have already brought myself a treat in the form of a 3 pack of 100ml snack containers (3 for the price of 1, what a steal!). I guess it can be a healthy diversion from junk food, but my cupboard is bulging I don't know if i can fit any more!?!
I have to actively decline all requests to Tupperware parties, unless I actually need something (HA!). I can always make a excuse for why I need them, I can always think of something that in them, needs to be put.

Another addiction that has come to my realisation is the reading of any and all news articles on diet and weight-loss. Now the problem with this is not that I have a fixation on my weight, but more that I read the articles for the boost I get when I see I am already doing the things that obvious idiots don't realise are important. Skim-milk for example, or a small serving of nuts as a snack instead of a chocolate bar. I mean, I must be the most healthy person in the world because I am obviously doing all the right things! (This is not true of course, because as I am reading the article I deliberately forget the chocolate pudding I ate for dessert last night) The same goes for fitness articles. I love those gentle ones that tell you you can sculpt your waist by wriggling you bottom in your desk chair a few times a day, "I can do that!"

Its good to get these off my chest... just don't tell Chris (Although I think its quite obvious).

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tuesday... yep

So as unexpected as it may be today is Tuesday.

Yeah I'm just not that excited either. So to create a little excitement I will share with you the things that have made me smile lately.

First thing that made me smile was a young friend of mine, Karina sent me the most special personal message on the facebook ever!
"S is for Smile, you put on people's faces all the time!
A is for Awesome, your a great lady!
R is for Roses, you always smell like!
A is for Ace, your really cool to hang around!
H is for Happy, your a joy to everyone!!! :)"
-thanks Karina, this made my day!

I wish someone would start a cafe like this in Melbourne... have a look at some picks of the fun here. I am only new to the world of knitting, but it would be the perfect place to take my mum for some quality time.

In my life I have an almost uncontrollable urge to spend any and all money that passes through my fingers. But look at what i get to play with!
Star Wars AT-AT Craft Sweatshirt
Yeah I know I'm not really a huge Star Wars fan, but I just love the merchandise and I love proudly being a nerd. You would be amazed how much more of a fan I have become once I gave up resisting my husbands love for the series and started getting him fun things like the Lego sets. This is my second piece of Adidas Star Wars Clothing I also have this sweet Trooper hoodie.
Adidas is into its 3rd range of Star Wars merch now and it really starting to get to me that they haven't brought out a range for women (both of mine are small mens). The closest they have come to it is a pair of "Slave Leia" hi-tops that I'm sure were probably in men's sizes anyway!

I am also enjoying this blog, and this one... and this David Bowie fan art that you can download (currently my desktop image)!