Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I got the job!

So the great news in my world is that I am now employed again!
I now work for a book publisher, in a fancy office!
It is a lower paying job, but they did offer me as much as they could, and they seem really excited to have me there because of my varied experience. I am learning allot already too.

Other great news:
-After tomorrow and only being there 4 days, they will have taken me out for lunch twice! I feel like a princess!
-My office has a window! (it looks into the warehouse but still adds allot of natural light)
-Next month Chris and I will move into a house that is actually more house than shed!
-Said house will have a DISHWASHER!
-Said house will have a real sized wardrobe in each of its THREE ROOMS!
-Said house will no have classroom-grade carpet squares on the floor!
-Said house will have a HUGE pantry!
-The Muppet movie did not disappoint!
-Tomorrow I will try Yum Cha for the first time!

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