Tuesday, 19 July 2011

If I write this here I might actually follow through

So lately I have been feeling in my creative life like a lazy slob. This is reflecting badly on all the other areas of my life, and has not been helped by recently retuning home from a month in Europe to a really slow period at work. So not dwelling on what I haven't been doing and focusing on what I can do about it.... PROJECT TIME!

It is somewhat of an ambition of mine to one day move from a print related design area to a more fashion/textile design area, but my portfolio (which is also 4 years out of date) does not reflect this. I need some fashion sketches, proof that even though I complain about trends I still understand and follow them and just something that shows while I have had a full time design job I have not spent my free time watching repeat episodes of Friends (and still crying when Monica and Chandler get married).

I was totally overwhelmed last night not having any idea where to begin this project, so I hopped into bed with a book so I wouldn't spend a sleepless night stressing about it. (My current book of choice is the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, yes I love young adult fiction).  This morning as was driving to work and thinking about revamping my portfolio, I was thinking about how I would juggle this project and my reading time. Then I had an Idea of where to start! I will try and illustrate my interpretations of the costumes described in the book as if they were to be street-wear!

So now i have a project... the only issue is not letting it distract me from my paid work, but also thinking of it as something to look forward to and help me get through the day when my paid work can get rather tiresome.

Wish me luck Sarah

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