Sunday, 31 July 2011

Because I have an attention span the size of a small orange fish...

Without hardly starting the last project I set myself, I have started a new one!

Friday night when at Spotlight to choose a pattern for my Mum (the best knitter ever) to knit for Chris (he is going to get and amazing man-cardigan with TOGGLES!). I found the first pattern that actually inspired me to lean to knit for myself instead of passing it on to Mother Dear to make for me.
Little and Friends!!!! Squweeeeeee!
So I started this afternoon, with the help of the full colour pictorial instructions in the back. Its a bit fiddly and if you ask Chris I did scream at the book a little (lot), but once I really concentrated and put on that awful face that is similar to one used in "alone moments" I was quite successful.
My first attempt so far.
Hopefully my skills will improve and the fiddly bits like the legs will get neater as I practice more. I am also totally inspired to think of ways to enhance and personalise this critters after seeing the writers own page too.
I am also loving the sense of pride I fell with every row, as I am sure my mother feels knowing that I have finally taken up her favourite pastime.

My other project is not forgotten and I have done a few other fashion illustrations as well, will maybe post some when I feel they are up to scratch.

YAY! Inspiration!

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