Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sooo Patty Simcox eigh?

Miss Patty and her amazing eyewear
Well if you are not familiar with this delightful young lady, Patty Simcox is a character from the 1978, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, smash hit musical Grease. Patty was the class president, cheerleader and prom queen, but this is not the reason I love her. I love her excitement and joy, innocence and nerdishness. She is completely clueless (also a great film) that they make fun of her for being a total nerd. She also wore amazing glasses!

So in the spirit of Patty Simcox I will to post the things that are unashamedly nerdy and just plain fun. You will also get to experience the joy I get when Michael Jackson is the first randomly selected song on my itunes, or the consideration of  the emotions of my desk toys when a new friend is introduced.

But most of all and lucky you this will be… "Me! Isn't that the most? To say the least?"

Sarah xx

*note: if anybody dares to give me a lesson in spelling or grammar there will be hell to pay!

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