Tuesday, 6 September 2011

These make me sad...

The offending objects
What you see here are not lovely books with a balancing iPhone atop, but books that through no fault of their own have been "up-cycled" in to of all heathen objects, an iPHONE CHARGER!!!!!

Some of these poor books are new and never to fulfill it purpose and feel the joy of having a finger lightly caress their pages as a reader takes in all its inner serifs and story. Others are old and should have been retired with dignity to a quite shelf to be adored, or even to be part of a "designed" living room.
But to do this too a book.... It breaks my heart! Leather bound editions of Dracula closed forever, never to intrigue and scare, worn early editions with original etchings, never to be enjoyed again. Books are to be read, shelved, enjoyed, sat on a bedside table so as people don't think you actually play Angry Birds before bed.
The above Winnie The Pooh makes me especially sad, this is the kind of book I would buy so as one day I could enjoy it with a child of the future, but now The Pooh with a jar of honey on his head is never to be chided over again!

The creator of these objects for the modern, uncaring Apple hipster is to found here, claiming that he loves books (yeah right), and is saving them from certain landfill death (I don't think so). Have not these people realised that they are effectively taking these beloved stories out of circulation?!

I need to go and hug my mothers childhood copy of Alice in Wonderland, because I'm sure if i don't keep a watchful eye on it it is a fine candidate for this fate worse than death!


  1. Hey missy, are you saying I'm an uncaring hipster just because I own Apple products!

  2. No, but would you destroy a book so that your apple product becomes a conversation piece?