Monday, 5 September 2011

Tuesday... yep

So as unexpected as it may be today is Tuesday.

Yeah I'm just not that excited either. So to create a little excitement I will share with you the things that have made me smile lately.

First thing that made me smile was a young friend of mine, Karina sent me the most special personal message on the facebook ever!
"S is for Smile, you put on people's faces all the time!
A is for Awesome, your a great lady!
R is for Roses, you always smell like!
A is for Ace, your really cool to hang around!
H is for Happy, your a joy to everyone!!! :)"
-thanks Karina, this made my day!

I wish someone would start a cafe like this in Melbourne... have a look at some picks of the fun here. I am only new to the world of knitting, but it would be the perfect place to take my mum for some quality time.

In my life I have an almost uncontrollable urge to spend any and all money that passes through my fingers. But look at what i get to play with!
Star Wars AT-AT Craft Sweatshirt
Yeah I know I'm not really a huge Star Wars fan, but I just love the merchandise and I love proudly being a nerd. You would be amazed how much more of a fan I have become once I gave up resisting my husbands love for the series and started getting him fun things like the Lego sets. This is my second piece of Adidas Star Wars Clothing I also have this sweet Trooper hoodie.
Adidas is into its 3rd range of Star Wars merch now and it really starting to get to me that they haven't brought out a range for women (both of mine are small mens). The closest they have come to it is a pair of "Slave Leia" hi-tops that I'm sure were probably in men's sizes anyway!

I am also enjoying this blog, and this one... and this David Bowie fan art that you can download (currently my desktop image)!

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