Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Strange Addictions

So it dawned on me last night as I was doing my grocery shopping, that I am addicted to plastic storage/snack containers. It's true I swear! I know I had a problem when I got to the lolly isle and said no to the chocolate because I have already brought myself a treat in the form of a 3 pack of 100ml snack containers (3 for the price of 1, what a steal!). I guess it can be a healthy diversion from junk food, but my cupboard is bulging I don't know if i can fit any more!?!
I have to actively decline all requests to Tupperware parties, unless I actually need something (HA!). I can always make a excuse for why I need them, I can always think of something that in them, needs to be put.

Another addiction that has come to my realisation is the reading of any and all news articles on diet and weight-loss. Now the problem with this is not that I have a fixation on my weight, but more that I read the articles for the boost I get when I see I am already doing the things that obvious idiots don't realise are important. Skim-milk for example, or a small serving of nuts as a snack instead of a chocolate bar. I mean, I must be the most healthy person in the world because I am obviously doing all the right things! (This is not true of course, because as I am reading the article I deliberately forget the chocolate pudding I ate for dessert last night) The same goes for fitness articles. I love those gentle ones that tell you you can sculpt your waist by wriggling you bottom in your desk chair a few times a day, "I can do that!"

Its good to get these off my chest... just don't tell Chris (Although I think its quite obvious).

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  1. Increasing amounts of people think there are magic foods that will make it so you don't have to get off your ass and move. You need to use your food for output, it's like filling a car with petrol and letting it sit in the garage and then wondering why the fuck it overflows when you put more in. That's what shits ME off, that people think fitness isn't required if you just never eat pudding again.