Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kidrobot Swatch you is MINE!

I has you and I put you on my fake grass for picture!
So yesterday I made my husband drive with me all the way to our local Swatch Shop (an hour away). And I finally have my very own limited edition Kidrobot Swatch! I went for the MAD one and I am totally in love with it! I especially love the tagline that goes with it. "Sometimes you just need to scream."
note* Sailor Moon, Buzz Lightyear, Padington Bear, Bumble Bee and  Goku in the background!
We also got a little over excited and may have ordered this special limited edition watch as well... Well it is awesome and it comes with an even bigger Moustached "Dunny".

As well as all that excitement, that had us sprinting out of the shopping centre before we spent any more dosh:
- My mums cat was found under the next door neighbours house after being trapped there for a week!
- I actually enjoyed my week at work making our catalogue more "Jazzy". (don't judge us on the webpage Liz and I have no say in it! Prolly should put some stuff I do, and like on here)
- I have started watching Spirited, and it is v good.

and to finish off a few picks of my dog being her beautiful self.
I put her bed outside to air out, she hoped in and wondered why this wasn't the way it was meant to be.

Closey nosey pic xxx

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