Thursday, 18 August 2011

DISNEY Fairy Tale Weddings!!!!

So I'm already married, and I have a fantastic husband, my (oops our) wedding day was the most fun I think I have ever had and I was really happy with the way the day looked and came together. I don't really want to change a thing.... But If I could do it all again and lived in the states, I would defiantly consider a Disney wedding!

You can actually get married AT DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

Especially since my friend Liz showed me this happy Friday treat. Disney Princess inspired Wedding Dresses!!!!!!!
My favourite Snow White

I think the best thing about this collection, is that they are not cheesy white satin costume remakes, but modern gowns inspired by the characters and stories.

Well one wedding is all I'm really ever going to want, but I hope someone will invite me to a Disney wedding one day! Oh well I can dream.

Here is a pic from Sarah and Chris day of fun!
Check out our awesome old Australian Muscle wedding Cars!


  1. I loved your dress, you looked beautiful. :)

  2. Thanks Honey, I'm still sad your sister had her wedding on the same day and you couldn't be there xxx

  3. I know, god damnit. And your wedding wouldn;t have had my brother's psycho girlfriend screaming at her 4 year old for whispering and then screaming "YOU'RE RUINING THE WEDDING" mid ceremony....

  4. Gah! That is bad form... all my little nieces were chowing down quietly on fruit-tingles. Nannas' come prepared YO!