Thursday, 11 August 2011

Freaken' Friday

Things I am loving today:

This super cute girl who takes pictures of herself looking like she is levitating. I just love the commitment it must take to get the right shot.

I laughed, I cried... a story about a very confused dog.  OK I'm just loving this entire blog!!!! 

I am also loving the 5min of standing in the sunshine I got on my lunch break.... not long enough.

Beef for the day:

Although Captain America was an awesome movie and I'm all about the Avengers (especially hoping Cobie Smulders has a good size part), what is with the only female in the movie not getting protective head-gear when she is nearly getting blown up!?! Peggy Carter was a great character, strong and not at a sappy, but i could not help feeling like her looks were more important than the realistically of the story. Sure she is strong but she still need a helmet! lets not even get into perfect make-up on the battle field...
Helmet, helmet, Peggy no helmet?


  1. I hate the armoury they give to female action heroes. Or lack thereof, more accurately. The men are covered head to toe, but women go out with a bare fucking midriff and tits out, and yet somehow they kills everyone. GO FOR THE HEART, MORONS.

  2. I think this clip says it all