Monday, 8 August 2011

Some days you just wanna clash

Exhibit A
Usually, I am one for colour co-ordination to the max! But today as I was deciding what shoes I was going to wear, I was attracted to my new 3inch heal red Mary-Jane's, but I was already quite committed to a pair of fluorescent pink striped knee-high socks... What was I to do? I was running out of time!... I went for the clash, and I am glad I did! I am enjoying looking down at me feet and thinking "what fun!". I cant quite say the rest of my outfit is entirely co-ordinated either, a black T with a green, blue, yellow and red print, a delightfully neutral modern hand-knit, jeans and the a fore-mentioned footwear. Do you know what! I feel surprisingly comfortable and well dressed (except for acedently only deoderising one pit, oops)... Who would'a thunk!

Thinking about clashing. What on earth is with these riots in London!?! Parents of London go and grab your child by the ear and drag them out of there! Hand them into the police yourself if you have to. This destruction of property is disgraceful! Its shames me that I think of the UK as a place of similar values and mindset as Australia, then THIS happens. GAH! It just makes me so angry.

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