Wednesday, 10 August 2011

With a bit more practice they may not look as strange

So I have completed one of the projects I set out to do. What do you think?
This is my first "Little"
Yep looks weird eigh! I think this is mostly due to the pink colour and the fact I couldn't, even with a huge shoe box full of them, not find any suitable buttons for his eyes. (Yes he is a he even though he is pink)
So before I get started on the next one I am planing a Spotlight run to buy some better colours, suitable buttons and a row counter (because I even got confused doing six rows with THREE stitches on each).
Buy the way even when the pick in the book says actual size is 7.5cm you still wont believe how incredibly small he is!
Work in progress

Oh and how do you like my indoor garden? When I was in Germany recently *cough (I'm cool) *cough they had little patches of AstroTurf with flowers on it in all the home shops (I think getting ready for summer). I just had to have some too, so now have some as a runner on my coffee table. Such fun!

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